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BLEND EXCEL GOLBAL SOLUTIONS has developed expertise in developing supply chain solutions across the industry based on their expertise to offer alternatives in make or buy decisions in down-stream oil business, preferential buying with industry linked indices & rebates thereof, running CAGs (Cost Agility Programs) & not cost cutting through innovative industry techniques. BLEND EXCEL GOLBAL SOLUTIONS has also acquired expertise with green belt 6 sigma to address process deficiencies which can be tackled & converted into cost benefit situations. The company has also got expertise to map the manufacturing flows of discrete as well as process industry production flows into to ERP solutions to optimize the resources and comply to new & revise regulations

BLEND PERFECT GOLBAL SOLUTIONS is into providing optimum solutions to downstream oil business about order to cash cycle process flows. Depending on the client’s requirement these solutions can be classified into following criteria:

  1. Depending on the business footprints a solution can be customized to design manufacturing footprints or make use of 3rd party’s existing facility.
  2. For a quick turnaround starting with a 3rd party of repute we can design solutions for client’s own investment at a level of business which guarantees a desired pay-back period.
  3. Selection of 3rd party of repute to incur appropriate conversion costs to sustain a period of entry and deliver consistent quality products as desired by client’s specifications is a key.

Availability of raw & packaging materials at appropriate pricing levels:

BLEND EXCEL GOLBAL SOLUTIONS thru their contacts & relationship can offer appropriate price levels to sustain the gestation period. Also, to ensure correct level of pricing use of industry indices, quantity discounts can be effectively used to ensure correct final product pricing.

CAPs (Cost Agility Programs)

BLEND PERFECT GOLBAL SOLUTIONS has resources which have demonstrated their capabilities in projects, green as well as grey to implement solutions which have proved break thru for the clients to increase their output, reinforce their existing foot prints, revolutionary improvement in their order to cash cycles resulting into win/win situations for the customers as well as suppliers.

  1. Innovative solutions in downstream oil businesses.
  2. CAP. (Cost Agility Programs.)
Robotic installation for automation
Vertical robotic solution for packaging saving 92% space.
Automatic manifold design & installation
Utilization of vertical space for raw material & finished product storage.
Conversion of storage tank for in line blender.



AHaving successfully implemented many innovative solutions to grey as well as green projects we can offer a very budget compliant solution in terms of:

  1. Manual options.
  2. Fully automatic option having combinations of Automatic Batch Blending (ABB), In Line Blending (ILB), Simultaneous metered Blending (SMB)
  3. Customized piggable manifold.
  4. The solutions can be selected by suitable vendors to comply to customer’s budget.

The solutions can be selected by suitable vendors to comply to customer’s budget.


Capacity of the blending plant is a derivative of the filling resources. Just for example a lube oil blending plant build over an area of 30,000 MT sq. mts in 1999 now is capable of producing 225000 MT in 2 shift basis purely on the basis of selection of filling resources with automation that to during plant running operations. In green as well as grey projects we can offer:

  1. Manual, semiautomatic, fully automatic filling machines based gravimetric/volumetric filling options.
  2. Integration inward flow as well as outward flow through robotic automation.
  3. We can also design automation with minimum human elements involved.


Gambit of packaging solutions include:

  1. Profile design of product packs with optimum weights to deive cutting edge over competitors.
  2. Designing of moulds.
  3. Selection & design of labels.
  4. Metal packaging pricing & rebates.
  5. Packaging storage solutions like Kardex as mentioned in illustrations.
  6. Tamper proof packaging.


Our services include

  1. Certifications for ISO – 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001
  2. API applications.
  3. OEM certifications.
  4. Setting up laboratory with minimum requirements to certification of LIMS(Laboratory Integration Management System)
  1. Conduct gap analysis & evaluation of the same for decision making for green/grey project investments.
  2. Devise investment plans for business ramp ups.
  3. Selection & monitoring of the 3rd party for manufacturing on following parameters:
    •    Product costing for rebranding on monthly basis.
    •    Product quality audits.
    •    Delivery performance (OTIF)
    •    Conversion cost.
  4. Certification of ISO 9001,14001 & OHSAS 18001.
  5. Technical assistance for product portfolio launch (API registration, OEM approvals, TDS, MSDS ETC)
  6. Preferential pricing in packaging materials thru networking.
  7. Packaging design & development for optimum costing.
  8. Outward logistics performance. (Selection of ¾ PL vendor, transporter)
  9. Support sales with market intelligence & inputs.
  10. Running & monitoring CAP (Cost Agility Programs) – Packaging savings, raw materials, logistics savings.
  11. Offer additive/base oil solutions thru networking for better product costing.
  12. Use of Turkey tool for exploring vicinity markets.
  13. Preparation of organization for higher footprints.
  14. Management of stake holders, JV partners for investments & outputs.

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